Anadolu-Sak Intelligence Scale

Turkey's First National Intelligence Scale


Project IQ 2015 - 2017

The EPTS Team (ÜYEP) developed the first intelligence scale of Turkey. We thank to Anadolu University Scientific Research Office for the research grant to support the Project IQ. We test 1200 children in the pilot stage and 4641 children in the standardization stage.

Anadolu University Research Grant

The Project IQ is supported by Anadolu University Scientific Research Office. 

ASIS languages

ASIS will be available in English, German, Arabic and Spanish besides Turkish. 

Project IQ


ASIS measures general intelligence and its major components. It includes 7 sub-scales and yields 8 different profile scores.

  • General Intelligence Index
  • Verbal Potantial Index
  • Nonverbal Potantial Index
  • Memory Capacity Index
  • Verbal IQ
  • Nonverbal IQ
  • Verbal Short Term Memory Index
  • Visual-Spatial Working Memory Index
Age:                                   4-12
Administration:                Individual
Administration time:        35-45 min.
Scoring time:                    10 min.
User certificate:                C
Theory:                             General Intelligence, CHC, PASS

Our Team We are team of 1 project director, 13 reseachers and 5 project advisors.

Prof. Dr. Uğur Sak

Principal Investigator

Bilge Bal Sezerel

Field Coordinator

Şule Demirel

Organization Coordinator

Bahadır Ayas


N. Nazlı Özdemir


Ercan Öpengin


Gülşah Avcı


Nilgün Kirişçi


Selin Bozbey


Ömer Faruk Tamul


H. Kübra Sözel


Esranur Özkan


Şule Güçyeter

Test Content Advisor

Assist. Prof. Esra Kanlı

Test Content Advisor

Associate Prof. Yavuz Akbulut

Data Analysis Advisor

Marilena Z. Leana Taşçılar

Test Bias Advisor

Melodi Özyaprak

Test Bias Advisor

Rukiye Türkdemir


Now We cmpleted the development and standardization of the ASIS. Now, we are training ASIS users throughout the country.

Training for ASİS Users

We are training 300 ASIS users in Aksaray, Erzurum and Mersin.

Conference on ASIS

The Ministry of Education organized a conference on ASIS in Istanbul on 08 December 2016.

ASIS Today

Project Time Table

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